Here is a partial view of our N-gauge layout before the upper station area was rebuilt

The following photos show some of the new scenery on the layout.



The lower twin tracks are controlled using DCC which gives the option of using sound chips in the locos, and running more than one loco on the same track with independent control. This part of the layout can also be run under computer control - currently using a Hornby e-Link controller and RailMasterTM Software, or JMRI with a DCC++ Arduino-based command station. The upper tracks are DC controlled and the Upper Station has a busy 5 platform service operation and a twin fast track through-line.

When travelling to exhibitions we use a layout called "Maun Valley" developed by one our members, and this has the option of DC and DCC operation.  Some of the scenery sections are built in units which can be changed to show either an Industrial or Village scene to add variety.  Here are some pictures :